Alice Yard Goes Bijlmer - July / August

In December 2011 Dees was invited as Curator in Residence at Alice Yard in Port of Spain, Trinidad. During this time she met artists in all disciplines amongst others the then recently graduated visual artists Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez (Pinky & Emigrante). Selected by Dees and Cozier (Alice Yard) Pinky & Emigrante in turn will be Artists in Residence for two months (July/August at OAZO-AIR. This international exchange is in part made possible though travel funds by the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism in Trinidad & Prince Claus Fund.

Mario Macilau - September

Macilau is a Mozambique based photographer.

Sheena Rose - October / December

In 2012 Dees met Rose in New York and was invited for a Curator in Residence for two weeks at Projects & Space in Barbados in 2013. In turn Rose, a conceptual Bajan artist, will be the artist in residency at OAZO-AIR.